The Repeal Bill

POLICY PAPER | The United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union requires not only a readjustment of the UK’s external relations with the EU and the wider world, but also changes to domestic law. The government announced the introduction of a Repeal Bill. The Repeal Bill will be a technically complex piece of legislation, and it raises questions about the appropriate balance of powers between the legislature and the executive, and also about devolution.… Read More »

Scottish and UK immigration Policy after Brexit

POLICY NOTE | As Brexit talks start, the UK government must turn its attention to the immense challenges Brexit poses – despite the ongoing uncertainty over the stability of the minority government post-election. One of the most pressing issues is that of immigration: not so much the preoccupation with how to limit inflows, which featured so prominently in the election campaigns of many of the parties; but rather, the challenge of sustaining much-needed flows of EU nationals to fill jobs in sectors such as agriculture, services and construction.… Read More »