Privacy Policy Statement

The personal information we hold about you on electronic file is confined to your relationship with the European Movement in Scotland. We hold the contact details you offer us, joining and renewal dates, and any areas of expertise, experience and ongoing interest you have chosen to convey to us.
We use your personal data to run the organisation of the European Movement in Scotland (EMiS), to tell you about EMiS activities and events and to keep you in touch with news and developments central to the EMiS mission to promote Scottish participation in a united and prosperous Europe. We’ll bring to your notice diary-dates for EMiS events and for events led by other European-focused individuals and organisations with whom we are in regular contact.
We will not pass any of your personal information outside of EMiS other than to facilitate regular contact with you through the newsletter distribution software and the membership email platform which we use.
Your information will not be passed to other third-parties (other than required by law), unless you give us permission to do so.
You can withdraw from your relationship with EMiS at any time by notifying us. We will stop contact with you, but retain your contact details for a period of one year in the event that you may wish to reinstate the relationship. Thereafter your contact details will be deleted. You can otherwise instruct us to delete the information straightaway.

This complies with GDPR regulation.