We do what we do entirely through the effort of volunteers who believe it worth giving their time for the pro-European cause. But we do still need money to pay for things like the hosting of this website. We receive no corporate nor government funding and rely on individual subscriptions and donations. Almost all of these are under £100.

There’s plenty more we’d like to do. You can help by donating what you can – £5, £50, £100 or more. It will all be put to good use.

Options to Donate

Online Banking

Bank of Scotland, 38 St Andrew Square, Edinburgh EH2 2YR
A/c Name: The European Movement (Scottish Council)
Sort Code: 80-11-00
Account Number: 00285169
IBAN: GB78 BOFS 8011 0000 2851 69


Cheques should be made payable to the European Movement Scottish Council and posted to The Treasurer, The European Movement in Scotland, c/o Orbit Communications , 42 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh EH2 4HQ.


Alternatively why not donate your time and experience by adding to our much needed and valued resources: Design, photography, video/audio production, writing, web fulfilment, social media, research, organisational or simply good experience. It can all help the pro-EU cause. 

Please get in touch by emailing: