The EU, the UK and Scotland: what now?

Creating strong, constructive relations with the EU and its member states is a welcome sight after the Tories’ destructive chaos of Brexit, including the damage to the UK’s international reputation and influence.

But how much difference is it going to make to the reality of the UK’s position fully outside the EU? And does Scotland get any say in how this all unfolds?… Read More »

UK-EU Relations and Foreign Policy After the Election

A new Labour government is not going to have any breathing space on foreign policy as it picks up the reins – including on European relations. Today, Hungary takes over the EU’s six month presidency with its deliberately provocative strapline of ‘make Europe great again’. Yesterday, Le Pen’s National Rally came top of the polls with 34.5% of the vote in the first round of Macron’s rashly-called election.… Read More »