Celebrating our links with Europe

We celebrate this year’s Europe Day by launching a series of EuroWalks, taking you to local landmarks with connections to European figures, places or historical events.

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  • BRitain and EUrope: The Hope Still Lives
    “I look forward one day to a reassertion of that Britain: to its unqualified openness to other people, backgrounds, beliefs and ideas, including friendship with neighbouring countries; to a restored recognition that true sovereignty is something to be judiciously deployed and sometimes shared…” A leading Irish ex-ambassador on Britain, Brexit and the EU… Read More »
  • Europe Day 2021
    The European Movement in Scotland celebrates #EuropeDay2021 with a special tribute to the EU’s role in promoting peace, democracy and prosperity across our continent from our own activists. They join forces with colleagues in countries across Europe explaining what the EU and Europe as a whole means to them as we in EMiS celebrate Scotland’s… Read More »
  • Eurowalks: mapping Scotland’s European identity
    We launch our latest campaign to celebrate and reaffirm Scotland’s European identity. Eurowalks take in visits to/stops at links ancient and modern between Scotland and mainland Europe..… Read More »

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European Conversations

The EU and the Arctic

The European Movement in Scotland
The European Movement in Scotland
The EU and the Arctic

In the latest of our European Conversations podcasts, jointly produced by the European Movement in Scotland and the Scottish Centre on European Relations, Dr Kirsty Hughes talks to the EU’s Special Envoy… Read More »

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Webinars and Livestreams

Posted on 11/05/2021
Brexit has seriously damaged Scotland’s fishing industry. EMiS Committee Member David Brew leads an interactive Zoom session for members and […]

Posted on 10/05/2021
Glasgow Loves EU are talking to Julian Dussek, President of the Cruising Association, about cruising in Europe, Schengen, immigration, tourism […]

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#Scotland #Ireland unmissable top-level discussion 24/05 on why our Irish neighbours have benefitted from EU membership, any downsides and what we can learn with @BrigidLaffan @tconnellyRTE Pat Cox: register here

"Dreams of retiring to sunnier climes have been dashed for many following Brexit" muses the @Telegraph, who apparently missed the part where Brexit and ending Freedom of Movement would also affect British citizens.

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