2021 Holyrood Campaign

The UK has left the EU, and we are beginning to see the highly detrimental impact of Brexit on our lives in Scotland. How can Scotland ensure its future prosperity and the wellbeing of its people? What should our relationship with Europe look like?

We urge candidates in the Scottish Parliament elections and their parties to make Scotland’s future relations with the EU a key issue.

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News & Analysis

  • Brexit deal finally approved
    The Trade & Cooperation Agreement on future EU-UK relations is coming into force…How’s it seen within the EU?… Read More »
  • The UK, Scotland and Ireland
    John Bruton writes: There is a real prospect of a second referendum on Scottish independence, if pro-independence parties win an overall majority in next month’s Scottish Parliament elections.… Read More »
  • Small states in or out of the EU
    Do you want to be a rule-taker or a rule-maker? That was the key question facing small countries/states deciding whether to join the EU or not highlighted by our expert panel in our latest webinar and their own answer was, unsurprisingly, the latter.… Read More »
  • 100 days of Brexit
    Two heartfelt but campaigning messages from sister organisations to mark 100 days of full Brexit. We at EMiS are urging the return of Scotland to EU membership as soon as possible…… Read More »

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Upcoming Events

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Podcasts and Videos

European Conversations

The EU and the Arctic

The European Movement in Scotland
The European Movement in Scotland
The EU and the Arctic

In the latest of our European Conversations podcasts, jointly produced by the European Movement in Scotland and the Scottish Centre on European Relations, Dr Kirsty Hughes talks to the EU’s Special Envoy… Read More »

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Webinars and Livestreams

Posted on 19/04/2021
Glasgow Loves EU are talking to Fabio Quondomatteo (Glasgow Unversity) about citizenship and what it means to be European. Fabio shares his very […]

Posted on 15/04/2021
Fife4Europe in conversation with Stephen Gethins about Scotland’s foreign policy, its impact on domestic policy, the divergence between Scottish […]

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#ScotlandinEurope #Ireland We've had to amend the line-up for our latest webinar: on how and why Ireland has gained so much fm EU membership, with ex-EP president Pat Cox replacing the indisposed John Bruton

#SP21 Edinburgh Central result proves the point as an utterly pro-EU electorate rejects what was Tory seat held by @RuthDavidsonMSP as @AngusRobertson declares on winning

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