Give Young People a chance – Support a Scottish Replacement for Erasmus+

Students, volunteers, and trainees across the UK have lost the life-changing opportunity to take part in the Erasmus+ programme.

We call on the Scottish Government to restore that opportunity and implement a fully-funded, comprehensive Scottish Exchange Programme that empowers young people from all backgrounds to live, learn and work abroad for the benefit of the country as a whole.

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  • Brexit can be undone
    “There may not be a precise map or timetable for the rejoining of the EU. But it is clear that the process can only begin once people openly acknowledge the necessity of this objective, and urge others to combine with them.”… Read More »
  • Cost of Brexit rises as all else falls
    More and more evidence of the catastrophic economic impact of Brexit highlighted by executive member Alex Orr… Read More »
  • Letter from Ukraine
    Ex-MP and strong EMiS supporter John Home Robertson went to Ukraine to help deliver aid and lend support to a country seeking to repel a dark ages invasion and become a full EU member … Read More »

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European Conversations

Russia in Ukraine: 40 days of war, years of disinformation

European Conversations
European Conversations
Russia in Ukraine: 40 days of war, years of disinformation

In the latest of our European Conversations podcasts, Kirsty Hughes talks to Galina Pastukh, deputy director of the Ukrainian think tank Texty, about the dreadful war in her country, including… Read More »

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Posted on 15/06/2022
The Scottish Greens, now part of the Scottish Government for the first time after winning seven seats at Holyrood in 2021, campaign for …

Posted on 13/06/2022
Yes for EU are talking to Anthony Barnett, co-founder of Europe for Scotland and Open Democracy. Anthony explains the process which led to the …

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Just received the most disappointing news of my career. The #EU Copernicus Climate Change Service are preparing to terminate UK partners, including the polar ice sheet measurements I supply. More or less my life's work. In the middle of a climate crises. FFS

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