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As part of our drive to have Brexit moved into a prominent place in the  general election campaign, we have produced a set of flyers for use in social media. They pose a series of questions and statements that can be asked of candidates, help influence media  and influence the voting public. 

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  • Europe’s political centre holds its ground, but tough decisions ahead for Parliament and Commission
    By David Martin, President of the European Movement in Scotland “Could this be Europe’s Trump moment?” asked Sky’s Adam Boulton on the eve of the European Parliament elections – It wasn’t. CNN reported “Far right surges in European Parliament elections” – It didn’t. President Macron’s dramatic decision to dissolve the… Read More »
  • Scottish Politics: the Next Two Years
    This article was first published on Kirsty Hughes’s substack on 7 June 2024: https://kirstyhughes.substack.com/p/scottish-politics-the-next-two-years. The election has four more weeks to go. Maybe the SNP will retrieve some ground against Labour though Labour’s lead in the polls looks fairly secure. And then what? Scotland’s politics is set to change in… Read More »
  • General Election – Guide to Voting
    We have produced the guide above to encourage voting. Please feel free to circulate it. Download guide here.… Read More »
  • Brexit DIGEST – Economic Damage, Inconvenience and COsts
    Here’s our digest of recent stories of further Brexit economic damage, inconvenience to the public and vast cost to the public purse.  Picture Credit: European Parliament
  • Can the SNP Win?
    Kirsty Hughes asks if the SNP can rise from its recent troubles to win enough hearts, minds and votes at the general election to keep it a powerful Westminster force. Europe, she argues, can play a defining role in the party’s strategy.… Read More »

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European Conversations

The Future of Wales

European Conversations
European Conversations
The Future of Wales

The Independent Commission on the Constitutional Future of Wales reported in January 2024. The Commission had both independent experts and party political nominees on it, produced a unanimous report, and… Read More »

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Webinars and Livestreams

Glasgow for Europe are  talking to Catherine Day, former Secretary General of the European Commission about European integration, enlargement, …

On their monthly meeting Fife4EU were joined by Douglas Chapman MP. They talked about the Rosyth Ferry, Erasmus, the Nordic Council and more. …

More livestreams and webinars here.

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