Celebrating our links with Europe

We celebrate this year’s Europe Day by launching a series of EuroWalks, taking you to local landmarks with connections to European figures, places or historical events.

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  • Taking steps towards “fit for 55”
    “To reach the Green Deal goals, a green and just transition needs to be prioritised, thus decision-makers have to commit to an ambitious and comprehensive framework that permeates all policy areas. The EU must encourage the active participation of civil society at all stages of the transition.” (EMI)… Read More »
  • Haste ye back
    Editor and executive member David Gow reflects on how Brexit wrecked his dream of being a full European citizen and vows to regain his stolen identity.… Read More »
  • Rule of law in Poland
    Poland and the EU are at loggerheads over rule of law issues/recovery plan grants – our friends at European Movement International report…… Read More »

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European Conversations

First Scent of War in Europe

European Conversations
European Conversations
First Scent of War in Europe

In the latest European Conversation from EMiS and SCER Kirsty Hughes talks to leading Scottish commentator, journalist and author Neal Ascherson about the risk of war in Europe, relations with… Read More »

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Webinars and Livestreams

Posted on 05/07/2021
Glasgow Loves EU are talking to Claudia Delper, founder and editor of Europe Street News, online magazine on citizens’ rights in the EU and the […]

Posted on 28/06/2021
Glasgow Loves EU are talking to Prof Daniela Sime (University of Strathclyde) about her research in the areas of migration, identity, […]

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#Bundestagswahl @cducsubt gets worst result ever (24%) and ZDF shows SPD ahead (26%) so maybe @OlafScholz deserves to be Bundeskanzler (deserves? doesn't work like that of course...)

#europeandayoflanguages Guten Tag Deutschland: wir warten mit Spannung auf den Ausgang der heitigen Wahl - und wereden genauer kucken am kommenden Mittwoch

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