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  • stop the trade war
    Sign our petition today and share it with as many people as possible to tell our government that we do not want a trade war with Europe. That the last thing our country needs is even higher prices, an even bigger cost-of-living crisis, and the breakdown of power-sharing in Northern Ireland.… Read More »
  • A democratic European Union
    The European Union is not a sovereign federal or confederal state but a union of democratic states and citizens.… Read More »
  • pride and shame
    “Though it saddens me beyond words to say it, it’s some years now since I could say I felt proud to be British. To those fake patriots who’d ask me why I hate my country so much, I’d answer that I don’t: I just hate what they’ve done to it.”… Read More »

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European Conversations

Russia in Ukraine: 40 days of war, years of disinformation

European Conversations
European Conversations
Russia in Ukraine: 40 days of war, years of disinformation

In the latest of our European Conversations podcasts, Kirsty Hughes talks to Galina Pastukh, deputy director of the Ukrainian think tank Texty, about the dreadful war in her country, including… Read More »

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Posted on 28/04/2022
Derek Glen, local SNP councillor, was the guest speaker at Fife4Europe’s monthly meeting on 28 April 2022.

Posted on 25/04/2022
Glasgow Loves EU are talking to Scottish Advocate Ximena Vengoechea Morales about the situation in Ukraine, human rights, war crimes and the role […]

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Brexit—from food to famine. 1,200 media articles between 2016 & 2018 with Brexit in the title refer to cake in the text & 2 new words appeared in the Oxford Dictionary, “cakeism” & “cakeist,” courtesy of Johnson. But where is the cake now?

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