Celebrating our links with Europe

We celebrate this year’s Europe Day by launching a series of EuroWalks, taking you to local landmarks with connections to European figures, places or historical events.

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News & Analysis

  • Settled Status Deadline: Last-Minute Help With Applications
    With only ten days left until the end of the EU Settled Status Scheme, Citizens’ Rights Project are intensifying their efforts to provide help to those who haven’t applied yet and who might have difficulties with the application process. Contact Citizens’ Rights Project Phone: 07803 102173 (English and Polish), 07518 926137 (English and Spanish) WhatsApp… Read More »
  • EMI at Conference on future of Europe
    The European Movement International has been allocated three seats in the Conference on the Future of Europe Plenary, as part of the eight civil society representatives. We have been discussing and looking forward to the start of the Conference for a couple of months now, starting back when civil society representation was not even foreseen… Read More »
  • Scotland’s European Relations: Where Next?
    Kirsty Hughes analyses the range of Scotland’s relationships with the EU, and the Scottish government’s European strategy, in the context of both the new post-Brexit reality and of continuing constitutional tensions. Scotland, alongside the rest of the UK, is now outside of the EU and no longer in its single market or customs union (with… Read More »

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Podcasts and Videos

European Conversations

The EU and the Arctic

The European Movement in Scotland
The European Movement in Scotland
The EU and the Arctic

In the latest of our European Conversations podcasts, jointly produced by the European Movement in Scotland and the Scottish Centre on European Relations, Dr Kirsty Hughes talks to the EU’s Special Envoy… Read More »

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Webinars and Livestreams

Posted on 14/06/2021
Glasgow Loves EU are talking to Claire Taylor of Scottish Farming Magazine about farming, food and the implications for Scottish Farmers of the […]

Posted on 31/05/2021
EU/EEA and Swiss citizens need to apply for Settlement Status by June 30, 2021. There is considerable concern about certain groups who may not […]

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EU #settledstatus Scheme - Deadline 30 June 2021.
@CitzRights offer free advice and help with last minute applications. Daily at St Margaret's House in Edinburgh, and online and on the phone.

Yesterday was a special day ⁦@EUI_Schuman⁩ ⁦@EUI_EU⁩ the very gracious Ian Murray Law researcher agreed to play me out with this classic ⁦@BrigidLaffan⁩

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