Face The Music Campaign – We need a new deal for musicians.

Our  latest campaign, Face The Music, is calling on the UK Government to Face The Music and work with the EU to negotiate a solution, in the form of a new bilateral agreement, to the post-Brexit barriers facing musicians.

This includes UK musicians who want to work and tour in the EU, and their European counterparts who need and want to perform in the UK. At the moment UK musicians have to have separate contracts for every country they visit in the EU. It is prohibitively expensive.

Watch the massive barriers now facing musicians like Andy Saunders in this webinar from Glasgow loves EU.

Sign up for our campaign today and pledge your support for the music industry:

Join us when we Busk Against Brexit on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile – all musicians welcome!

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The Future of Wales

European Conversations
European Conversations
The Future of Wales

The Independent Commission on the Constitutional Future of Wales reported in January 2024. The Commission had both independent experts and party political nominees on it, produced a unanimous report, and… Read More »

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On their monthly meeting Fife4EU were joined by Douglas Chapman MP. They talked about the Rosyth Ferry, Erasmus, the Nordic Council and more. …

‘Our Star’ was created to promote European values, with an emphasis on peace and unity. In autumn 2023 the Star left its home at the European …

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