2024 Election Statement

The result of the 2024 general election has profoundly changed the UK’s political landscape. For supporters of European integration in all four nations it must be a relief to see the Conservative party – the key instrument in Brexit – so roundly defeated.

Labour has won an enormous victory. We congratulate the party and wish it well in government. It is in all our interests that Labour succeeds. The party inherits historically weak public finances, a limping economy, hollowed out public services and dangerously threatening geopolitical clouds. At home, Labour faces a Commons with Nigel Farage constantly sniping on every front, sowing division and discontent at every opportunity. A successful Labour government is in the interests of our cause.

At EMiS (European Movement in Scotland) we have been working on a post-general election campaign plan. We will share that with members shortly.

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  • Blowing up the transatlantic bridge
    The imminent advent of a Trump 2.0 presidency is concentrating the mind of Europeans as they confront more tumultuous instability at home and abroad. More Europe is, with risks, the preferred option.… Read More »
  • The EU, the UK and Scotland: what now?
    Creating strong, constructive relations with the EU and its member states is a welcome sight after the Tories’ destructive chaos of Brexit, including the damage to the UK’s international reputation and influence. But how much difference is it going to make to the reality of the UK’s position fully outside the EU? And does Scotland get any say in how this all unfolds?… Read More »
  • Media that Matters – Special UK General Election Edition
    A selection of recent press articles on the UK’s new government, where it mightstand with Europe, and the changed political landscape across the UK. Ourselection includes a thoughtful piece from Ireland, an examination of the UK/EUdefence relationship and Bertelsman Stiftung’s analysis of the general election. Keir Starmer ruled out rejoining… Read More »
  • UK-EU Relations and Foreign Policy After the Election
    A new Labour government is not going to have any breathing space on foreign policy as it picks up the reins – including on European relations. Today, Hungary takes over the EU’s six month presidency with its deliberately provocative strapline of ‘make Europe great again’. Yesterday, Le Pen’s National Rally came top of the polls with 34.5% of the vote in the first round of Macron’s rashly-called election.… Read More »
  • Media That Matters – July 2024
    A selection of press and academic articles on the EU and Brexit As summer and a new UK government loom on the horizon we are publishing our second edition of Media that Matters. We’ll publish one more edition, covering the outcomes of the UK and French elections, before taking a… Read More »

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European Conversations

The Future of Wales

European Conversations
European Conversations
The Future of Wales

The Independent Commission on the Constitutional Future of Wales reported in January 2024. The Commission had both independent experts and party political nominees on it, produced a unanimous report, and… Read More »

More episodes here.

Webinars and Livestreams

Glasgow for Europe are  talking to Catherine Day, former Secretary General of the European Commission about European integration, enlargement, …
On their monthly meeting Fife4EU were joined by Douglas Chapman MP. They talked about the Rosyth Ferry, Erasmus, the Nordic Council and more. …

More livestreams and webinars here.

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