The European Movement in Scotland is stepping up its campaigning activities and we need your help and support. Our key campaign is for Scotland to (re)join the European Union asap. But we also campaign for greater democracy, including scrutiny of Brexit and its disastrous impact on Scotland.

That means standing up for the devolution settlement and against Downing Street efforts to bypass Holyrood, impose the terms of the Trade & Cooperation Agreement with the EU (Boris Johnson’s deal) without consultation and scrap parliamentary monitoring via a specialist committee.

We also highlight the damage Brexit causes to specific sectors of the Scottish economy and society such as fishing and farming or rural communities as a whole, urging remedial action by both the UK and Scottish governments. And we show how the EU, its policies and actions, benefit Europe and the wider world in fields such as peace and the climate emergency.

So, we are urging you as members and/or supporters of EMiS to join us in these campaigns and ones to come. Now that campaigning can return to the streets (and indoors) please lend a hand in whatever way you can. Brexit was built on a series of lies. We need to constantly expose those lies and reverse Brexit. So help us do so!

Stand with Ukraine

Support Ukraine in their resistance to an unjustified war.

Rejoin Erasmus+

Our campaign for Scotland to rejoin the world’s biggest and most successful exchange programme.

Soldarity WIth EU NatioNals

EMiS and its local groups fight for our fellow Europeans resident in Scotland to be given the same rights and benefits as the rest of our population.

We will Be Back – Our Pledge

Our pledge for Scotland’s return to the European Union.

Picture Credits: CC BB-NC 2.0 (Erasmus Student Network, UK Young Ambassadors), Shutterstock