European Movement International

European Movement International is a global forum and organisation which allows the various groups advocating for a powerful and effective European Union to co-operate. Working together, they can place collective pressure on national governments and European institutions.

The Movement pre-dates the founding of the EU itself and played a key early role in building popular support for the European project in member states.

Since then, it has sought to establish intellectual societies and political organisations in likely EU Candidate countries, with particular focus on the post-Soviet Eastern European states.

EMI counts among its members 39 discrete national organisations, and 36 international groups (such as NGOs, Think Tanks, Political Parties) committed to the enlargement and development of the European Union.

Each of these organisations seeks to inspire and inform public discussion of European issues, and to build cross-party and cross-border alliances in favour of European integration.

The European Movement is also the only NGO of its type that serves the whole continent. It campaigns in EU countries, candidate countries and non-candidate countries, and as such provides unique opportunities for its members to shape EU policy.

For more information, visit the website of the European Movement International.