Turing one-way street no match for Erasmus highway

“There is deep regret about the UK government’s decision to leave Erasmus Plus across Europe, and a real willingness to reconnect. Yet indications are that Turing will downplay cooperation with European to target English-speaking countries. We risk losing longstanding European partnerships which have enriched the whole continent, including the UK. How can a truly ‘global Britain’ turn its back on Europe?”… Read More »

Does Turing pass the test?

“Turing may well help students who participate in the kinds of agreements already found in UK universities with institutions outside Europe who do not normally receive any financial help with costs. However, concluding, operating and maintaining non-Erasmus exchanges is a major challenge.”… Read More »

Rejoining ErasmusPlus

Ahead of our next webinar, a keynote speaker, Hywel Ceri Jones, argues: “My recommendation is that the UK Government, fully backed by the three devolved administrations, should seek the addition of a specific Association Agreement to the new UK/EU Treaty, secured by a new Protocol on Erasmus..”… Read More »

Erasmus: a missed opportunity

‘The Welsh and Scottish Governments repeatedly argued to London the priority importance they attach to continued access to the programme. Both governments should now jointly call on the UK parliament to reconsider and reject the rationale for this damaging decision, putting first the future of our young people and the interests of the four nations.’… Read More »