European Movement in Scotland

What We Stand For

Our goal is membership of the European Union. We campaign to promote the European Union and Scotland’s fullest possible participation now and for the future.

The European Union is as relevant to Scotland today as ever. In these turbulent times, with little or no certainty about future prospects, the role of the European Movement in Scotland (EMiS) is to keep the flame of Europe burning bright in Scottish polity and public opinion. We assert Scotland’s deep-rooted European identity, campaigning for the closest alignment with EU values and policies, whatever the constitutional and political context.

  • We are European – by geography, history, language and culture we are part of Europe. We welcome and support EU citizens who have chosen to be here – we are all Scottish and European. What happens in the EU affects Scotland. EMiS works to help shape the policies that the EU pursues, as well as those that the UK and Scottish governments develop in relation to Europe.  We campaign to ensure Scotland is present in EU thinking.
  • European Union Values – peace, democracy, rule of law, human rights, equality, sustainability and solidarity are enshrined in the EU treaties. These values are relevant to all our lives, in or out of the EU. EMiS champions them.
  • Benefits of Membership, being a member of the European Union is better than any alternative trade and geopolitical option. The full benefit comes through full EU membership, but many advantages are available, meantime, from close alignment. EMiS works to ensure Scotland keeps uppermost in mind the advantages of closest possible alignment now and the full benefits of future membership. 
  • The EU offers a dynamic vision for our future. The EU is constantly evolving. As Europe works together to deliver the Next Generation EU post-pandemic recovery plan, EMiS offers a forum where we join in the debate – learning and contributing – while we work our way forward to membership.

Speaker Service

Do you need a speaker for your club, organisation, school, groups etc.?

We have speakers whose backgrounds range from the academic to the political, and will speak on and debate all aspects of European issues, for example, the UK’s place in the EU, immigration, fiscal and monetary policy, the Common Agricultural Policy, the EU Treaties, the Constitutional Treaty, the future of Europe, and so on.


David Martin became President of EMiS in January 2024. He was the UK’s longest serving Member of the European Parliament, representing Scotland from 1984 to 2019. He was the youngest ever leader of the Labour group of MEPs. 

David is a former Scottish European Parliamentarian of the Year and a former European Parliament Trade MEP of the Year. During his time as an MEP, he focused on Trade and Development, Human Rights, Constitutional Affairs and Democracy. He authored over one hundred Reports for the Parliament. He served for 15 years as Vice-President of the Parliament and was a leading reformer of its working methods.  

David was a Member of the First Minister of Scotland’s Standing Council on Europe.  He was a visiting Professor at the University of Glasgow (2019-2022) and Senior Fellow at RSIS in Singapore, one of Asia’s leading centres of International Studies.   

David Martin was educated at Heriot Watt University and the University of Leicester. He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Law from the University of the Punjab, in recognition of his work to strengthen relations between the EU and Pakistan.  


Sarah Boyack MSP
Patrick Harvie MSP
Willie Rennie MSP
Alyn Smith MP


Baron McConnell of Glenscorrodale,
Rt Hon Sir Malcolm Rifkind KCMG, KC,
Rt Hon Lord Wallace of Tankerness PC KC

Executive Committee


David Clarke

CFA, Founder Scottish-Irish Finance Initiative


Jo Goodburn

Former Civil Servant, Scottish Office,
Secretariat Official in EU Council of Ministers, Brussels


Caitlin O’Hara

Runs a virtual assistant business. Model European Union participant


Bill Rodger

Former Manager at British Gas


David McKenzie

International career with a leading IT company, rising to board level roles. Renewable energy consultant. Former board member of the Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park Authority. 

Policy Advisor

Alex Orr


Stuart Baillie Strong

Former IT consultant,
former chemical company manager

David Brew

Former ScotGov
Head of Fisheries,
UK Govt and
EU Commission official

Ken Dixon

Planning director,
brand development

Niamh Donnellan

Chartered Psychologist

Stephen GethinS

Professor of International and European Relations
(University of St Andrews),
former SNP spokesman on foreign affairs in Commons

Mark Lazarowicz

former Labour MP,
founder Citizens Rights Project,
former EMiS Chair

Victoria Lee

GP and mum.
Proud European

Ian G. Mitchell

KC, Advocate and barrister,
active in CCBE,
former Hon Secretary, SCUA 


Journalist, and formerly
a senior executive in
public relations and strategic communications agencies.

David Roulston

Held senior posts in social work, housing and the NHS, mainly in England. Returning to Scotland in 2017, he helped found the South West Scotland EMiS branch. 

Chris Sagan

Chairs the Sikorski Polish Club in Glasgow and
Glasgow EU Citizens Forum.
UK and EU citizen. Engineer who held senior posts in the aircraft industry in Scotland and Europe

Sir Graham watson

MEP 1994-2014
Leader, European Liberal

Fiona Wishlade

Professor European Politics