Whither EU and Scotland/UK/EU?

EMiS held its latest webinar on Tuesday, July 7, with well over 100 tuning into a discussion between Kirsty Hughes, founding director of the Scottish Centre on European Relations, and David Gow, ex-European Business Editor of the Guardian and co-editor of sceptical.scot, on the future of the EU, UK relations with Brussels – and Scotland’s own role going forward.

The pair debated the EU Recovery Plan, Europe’s economic prospects and relations with the US and China, the progress (or otherwise) of the UK’s talks with the EU on their future relationship – and the likelihood of an independent Scotland rejoining the EU as a member in its own right (yes, but…).

You can (re)watch the gig here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tGQtB3k9MM&feature=youtu.be 

Here’s a list of the (many) questions:

A 3 part question from an activist

  1. assuming that there are various directions that the EU-UK negotiations can take is there scope to influence them? 
  2. Can we make our wish to be as closely aligned to Europe as possible heard? 
  3. Who should we try to influence, and how can we raise awareness and interest?  (Friederike Brezing)

Should we not encourage our local authorities to build up links and twinning arrangements with the fellow towns and local authorities in the European Union.    (Hugh McMahon)

Does Scotland have the institutional capacity to simultaneously try to match rising EU standards (esp. on greenery), conduct a constitutional debate and recover from the pandemic?

Will an EU27 which appears to have been energised by the latest crisis but which has enough already on its plate ever contemplate the return of a prodigal UK (or even of one constituent part of the UK)? 

Mike Wallace 05:33 PM 

The Scottish Goverment has called for Scotland to stay in EU single market after Brexit as Northern Ireland will do. If EuMiS wants to be seen as an effective campaigning group will  they be asking all candidates before next years Scottish Parliament elections where they stand on this and share the answers with members of EuMiS to let them take account of this before voting.

Ed Ramsay 05:27 PM 

Recent polls show increased support for Scottish independence, perhaps in part due to pro EU supporters shifting from ‘no’ to ‘yes’. Might this push the UK government towards a softer brexit in order to bolster support for the union?

carole 05:40 PM 

What difference if any would the election of a multilateralist US President in November make?

Jennie Biggs 05:41 PM 

how disadgantaged is Scotland by Northern Ireland’s new status?

Anonymous Attendee 05:32 PM 

Ware does the inssue of Passporting stand – are the EU holding this back – unless the UK agree to a reasonable solution in the eyes of the EU, there wil be no Passporting

Dee Bee 05:32 PM 

Following Ed’s question, despite the polls, doesn’t it seem more like the opposite at the moment, with increased anxiety about the Westminster power grab, as well as increased talk from Johnson of no borders within the UK? i.e. more likely to be an even harder Brexit and dragging us with them?

Sarah Tolley 05:44 PM 

I suppose these customs posts in Larne mean lots of jobs?

Fitz  05:46 PM 

Don’t you think that the obfuscation on GB’a part in the negotiations is  a deliberate ploy to ensure a no deal Brexit?  I think this is Cumming’s aim.

Jenny Wilson 05:47 PM 

If our European Movement doesnt at least ask for great links or future re-acceptance how can we expect anyone else to come with us ?!  All very well being pragmatic but we are in the European movement in Scotland ?  Could EEA ever be an option ? And why was it never on the table – was a Theresa May red line.

Gill Bird 05:50 PM 

How quickly migth a newly Independent Scotland gain pre-accessioned status to the EU?

Sarah Tolley 05:52 PM 

A united Ireland would be interesting for Scotland… esp in westminster.

How quickly will “the people” become disillusioned with Brexit and with the Vote Leave regime which has failed them on Covid and will now bring them further economic damage.

Mary Taylor 05:58 PM 

where are the grounds for hope in our relationship with EU and what could EMIS and allies achieve in the next 6 months and in the next 5 years  

James McLean 05:55 PM 

Is the UK not paralysed by wanting  a trade deal with USA on EU-incompatible terms

annie m 06:06 PM 

Surely if EMS goal is to keep us in the EU the only realistic way that is going to happen and for us to influence our relationship with EU is independence?

carole 06:06 PM 

How quickly will “the people ” become disillusioned with Brexit and with the Vote Leave regime which has failed them on Covid and will now bring them further economic damage. Vanessa

Morag 05:58 PM 

Referring to a point by David a moment ago: divergence from EU standards will presumably be reduced by a soft deal. Kirsty says the options are a soft deal or no deal, to be decided by end October. A soft deal would mean damage limitation, but how will people be affected in everyday terms of, say, food prices, availablity of medicines etc?

Jamie Taylor 06:02 PM 

I’ve seen claims that UK has now nearly spent or lost as much money as the total of our net contributions to EU during our years of membership. Any thoughts if true or nearly true?

mikeharland 06:04 PM 

The US influence on the UK in financial and geopolitical fields is clearly that of separating us from the EU to break up the EU and reduce the threat of the Euro. The US has hobbled the WTO on its disputes resolution system; it has hobbled the UN; and has just done the same to the WHO. The UK is therefore heading to merge the City and NY to be the global financial hub, therefore it is not worried about any EU threats there. Is Scotland therefore not fated to be joined at the hip with England and the US with no future in the EU?

sir graham watson 05:58 PM 

if a second question is allowed, what can Scotland do to maintain an boost links with EU MSs? Could we for example join the Nordic Union?

Jenny Wilson 06:14 PM 

Looks like if we got full autonomy for Scotland we could be in the Nordic Union (found this on Google Search …): The Nordic Union. The Nordic Countries consists of five countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) as well as their autonomous regions (the Åland Islands, the Faroe Islands and Greenland), and make up a geographical and cultural region in Northern Europe.

Jim Martin 06:11 PM 

How will leaving the EU affect the taxation of multinatinals?

carole 06:13 PM 

Given that most of the economists are warning against No Deal and given the gung-ho approach of UKG,  do you think that BJ sees USA as the “saviour ” and do you see UK as a tax haven?

sir graham watson 05:45 PM 

in which area of policy do you expect the biggest political fallout in the UK? And in Scotland in particular. Graham Watson

mikeharland 06:11 PM 

Some countries like Spain have a strong trade dependency on the UK. To what extent will it be possible for there to be direct country-to-country agreements?

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