We want you back: Terry Reintke MEP

I’m contacting you directly from the European Parliament to tell you that many Europeans still want you back. I have been talking with colleagues from a range of countries this week and we can’t quite believe it’s been three years since you left us. We are still deeply saddened by your departure.  

I can assure you that myself, and many others in the EU Parliament, still miss our UK colleagues. We know that you are still European. European in your values, your beliefs, and to your very core, and that’s why a desire to rebuild relationships with you has far from disappeared.  

Thousands of us here in Europe believe in the European Movement’s campaign and we’re cheering you on from the continent. I know that at times it may seem tough, but I urge you to keep going. I am confident that pro-Europeans in the UK will – through the European Movement’s networks of activists – help to rebuild trust and the relationship between the UK and the EU.

So, I urge you to join the only movement I see in the UK today that is capable of reversing Brexit. You must keep the fire burning and the momentum going.  

Despite what the Brexit-supporting press might tell you, many of us really would love to welcome you back.  

Year 3 Brexit rally at Holyrood Jan 31

I know that rebuilding the UK’s relationship with Europe – just like with people – may seem difficult or even impossible, particularly in the current political climate. But I’m here to tell you that all the best campaigns face opposition and dark times. 

Do not listen to the negative rhetoric in the media. Do not listen to the parade of Brexiteer Prime Ministers jostling to outdo each other with their hardline positions. Do not listen to the opposition politicians trying to argue they can ‘make Brexit work’ and do not give up. We haven’t given up on you.  

I am thrilled that so many European Movement UK supporters are keeping the fight alive on UK soil, and I write to you today to say this: keep fighting to reverse the calamity of Brexit because Brexit is exactly that. Reversible.