Wales for Europe makes the case

We are Wales for Europe – an independent, cross-party grassroots organisation, and one of European Movement UK’s closest partners in the fight against Brexit. Founded in 2016, Wales for Europe are dedicated to organising activities and events for:

  • Promoting close cooperation between Wales/the UK, the European Union and other European bodies, in order to promote peace, prosperity and friendship throughout Europe.
  • Promoting and supporting the rights of European Union citizens who live and work in Wales and the UK.

Our wonderful Chair is Jackie Jones, who is a former MEP for Wales, and currently an elected Welsh Labour councillor.

We have active branches from Cardiff to North Wales, and our Chair is on the European Movement UK National Council. We send out content to our supporters, and our recent events range from an organised picnic in Cardiff, which you can watch here for the highlights, and we have online conversations with high profile speakers, including European Movement UK’s Chair – Lord Andrew Adonis. We have more exciting events coming soon, and you are welcome to get involved! Our new merchandise will also be available at future stalls and upcoming events!

Wales for Europe are keen to be collaborative and as such, in October 2021, European Movement UK announced a strategic partnership with Wales for Europe, to bring both organisations closer together in their campaigns and goals. A notable example of our recent collaborative work would be the Erasmus+ Webinar, which you can watch here!

Further, any member of European Movement UK in Wales will soon be able to opt-in to a reciprocal membership scheme, in which they will be able to have membership of Wales for Europe, and receive all its benefits, at no extra cost. We are very excited about this being launched, and we hope you are too!

Wales and Brexit 🐉 🇪🇺

We believe that Brexit isn’t working. Local businesses and families throughout the UK and Wales are being affected. European Movement UK’s fantastic ‘impact heat map’ has illustrated how diverse and widespread the effects truly are.

Below are links to some Wales for Europe’s content, which include case study interviews, showing the impact that Brexit has made:

Very recently, we received a brief article from an anonymous senior health figure with over 30 years’ experience in the NHS, which we will be releasing in our next free monthly newsletter! You can sign up for our newsletter here.

Here are links to some more recent articles we want to share with you, about the impact of Brexit in Wales:

These case studies are why Wales Europe is a growing movement, people are waking up to the reality of Brexit, and we eagerly anticipate that many more people in the future, including former ‘Brexiteers’, will be joining us.

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