EU 27

Do Small States Fare Better: In or Out of the EU?
Posted on 09/04/2021
The EU is said to be dominated by its big hitters, notably France and Germany, but smaller member states such as Ireland can wield significant [...]
EU views of the UK and Scotland post Brexit
Posted on 15/12/2020
Panel discussion with Kirsty Hughes, Giles Merritt, Nicolai von Ondarza and Nicoletta Pirozzi on how the EU sees the UK today. 14th December 2020
Lockdown Livestream: Understanding EU Law
Posted on 07/09/2020
Glasgow Loves EU are talking to lawyer Alisdair Matheson about the legal implications of Brexit and about EU law. Alisdair Matheson provides an [...]
Lockdown Livestream: The EU
Posted on 27/07/2020
Glasgow Loves EU are talking to former Scottish MEP John Purvis about the Single Market and the Euro, trade harmonisation, Covid Recovery [...]

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