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Webinars about Scotland, Europe and Brexit. Panel discussions and Q&A with experts.

Do Small States Fare Better: In or Out of the EU?
Posted on 09/04/2021
The EU is said to be dominated by its big hitters, notably France and Germany, but smaller member states such as Ireland can wield significant [...]
European Movement International
Posted on 05/03/2021
European Movement International (EMI) board members Noelle O'Connell (Ireland) and Richard Morris (UK) and EMiS chair Mark Lazarowicz discuss how [...]
Erasmus+: How can Scotland and Wales Rejoin?
Posted on 09/02/2021
Prof Anton Muscatelli, Hywel Ceri Jones, Rachel Sandison and Mary Senior discuss how Scotland and Wales could rejoin the Erasmus+ programme. 8th [...]
An Independent Scotland in the EU: Issues and Challenges
Posted on 19/01/2021
Webinar with experts on EU enlargement and accession, and EU constitutional law: Prof James Ker-Lindsay, Dr Kirsty Hughes, Dr Barbara Lippert, [...]

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