Independence in the EU in the Covid Era: Prospects for Scotland

POLICY NOTE | Scotland’s independence debate has not been hitting the headlines much during the Covid-19 crisis. But nor has it gone away. And for now, public opinion appears to be more or less where it was on the independence question – split roughly 50:50 with a majority of younger voters (under 50 or 55 years old depending on the poll) favouring independence. This could, of course, change substantially as the Covid crisis develops economically, politically and in public health terms in the coming months.… Read More »

A healthy Europe

‘Many people die much earlier than under a more careful scenario and the healthcare workers are pushed to the limits. That’s why the lifting of containment measures should only be lifted step by step and with strong implementation of social distancing, personal protective equipment and always be with the immediate possibility to reverse the measures if needed to protect health.’ Three medical MEPs urge a Health Union… Read More »

Four scenarios for Europe’s future

‘The EU is defined by its ‘pillars’: the single market and free movement, the euro and the Stability and Growth Pact, and competition and state-aid law. These three pillars are being shaken by the pandemic and they are sure to be at the centre of debates on the future of Europe.’ A leading EU trade unionist ponders aloud…… Read More »

Migrant carers deserve more than claps

‘And wouldn’t it be a really effective way for the government to show its gratitude to migrant workers in the NHS to do more than just ‘clap for the NHS’ every Thursday, but to waive that surcharge at least for those migrant workers who are playing such a vital role in the NHS and other public services, risking their lives, at this time of crisis?’ asks EMiS chair Mark Lazarowicz… Read More »

Migrants need solidarity and policy change

‘The last thing migrants need now is to be denied support and face even more uncertainty over their status. Migrants are part of our communities; they are not commodities. It’s time for a narrative shift that translates into policy change. Please keep in touch with and support those organisations linking arms right now to bring about this change.’… Read More »