Scotland, Europe and You

We are the voice for all those who are curious, concerned or active in promoting and maintaining Scotland’s connection with europe and the european union. We provide the truth behind the headlines.

If you are curious about the UK’s progress and on-going trade deal negotiations and the Scottish governments position in these, if you’re looking for ways to be better informed and up-to-date news and events, we have pages for you. (link to ‘benefits of eu membership’ and ‘news and events’).

Throughout Scotland there are active regional groups who campaign and work to support the issues they face locally. If you are interested in joining your local group, getting involved in the latest campaign or setting up your own you can find guidance and links here. (link to ‘get active and be involved’).

If, as a citizen of one of the EU27 nations, you have questions about your place in Scotland, rest assured we have advice and guidance from national organisations and local area groups. (link to ‘EU27 citizens in Scotland’).

If you are looking for media contributions, our pages offer a wealth of background information, current thinking on a raft of subjects through our network of contacts, please click-on our links. (link to ‘benefits of eu membership’ and ‘contacts’).