Scotland at the March for Rejoin

A strong Scottish contingent travelled to London on Saturday 23rd September to take part in the second annual March to Rejoin the European Union which, according to the Met, saw “well in excess of 20,000” on the streets of central London. A deliberate under-estimate! Over 40,000 more likely.

Local groups from Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Fife and South West Scotland took part in the march which attracted thousands from all over the UK.

Young people are robbed by Brexit

Fiona Wishlade, attending with the Glasgow group Glasgow Loves EU, commented: “It’s important to continue to send a signal and hold all politicians to account. There are things they can do about the economy and the cost of living by addressing some of the failings of Brexit. If we just sit at home and stay quiet, they think we are accepting the status quo.”

She added: “I have spoken to a few people today [at the march] who have changed their minds [on Brexit], recognising the damage it is doing to their grandchildren.”

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