Rule of law? Pah!

The blatant disregard by the UK Government of commitments already made by it in negotiations on a future trade deal with the EU has broken new ground, even for this government.

Months were spent in negotiating the Withdrawal Agreement and the Northern Ireland protocol, preventing a hard border within the island of Ireland and providing assurances in the areas of citizens’ rights and Britain’s financial obligations.The Withdrawal Agreement is not optional, but a treaty which was ratified by the current British Government, and which it is now seeking to undermine through publishing legislation that will attempt to override it.

To think that the government is prepared to shirk its responsibilities to two international agreements to satisfy rabid Brexiteer concerns is deeply troubling but not unexpected. With the stakes upped and as we hurtle towards a potential no-deal Brexit, it will be the UK and the businesses and citizens already adversely impacted that will be affected most.

The UK must abide by what it has agreed to do, to stand by the Withdrawal Agreement it negotiated, indeed renegotiated, and protect the interests of those in the UK.Should it fail to do this and we end up with a no-deal Brexit, the British people will only have the UK Government to blame for this.