REtained EU LAW Bill is now law

The nefarious Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill will eradicate 50 years and would have scrapped up to 4000 pieces of progressive European legislation on environmental protection, rights at work, food standards – and undermine the 25-year-old devolution settlement in the UK. We urged MPs, peers and all who care about our future to help Kill this Bill.

Pressure from us and, of course, from plenty of others including business, unions, MPs and peers has forced the Sunak government to water down its provisions so it now puts at risk “just” 600 pieces of legislation at the end of this year – and the infamous “sunset” clause which would have deleted EU-inspired regulations is now dead. Nevertheless, the Bill received the Royal Assent on June 29 2023 and is now an Act – law.

Here’s an assessment of the act’s impact on employment law, another on health & safety aspects, another on environmental protections and another on the same.