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  • Remembering Roberta – and Steve
    We pay tribute to two of our leading campaigners who have sadly died in recent weeks after lifetimes of dedication to the European cause.… Read More »
  • Wales for Europe makes the case
    EMUK is spreading the word about the breadth of opposition to Brexit/support for Rejoin across the country. Here’s a letter from Wales.… Read More »
  • Wannabe Tory leaders blind to Brexit
    We have paid careful attention to how creating trade barriers with our closest neighbours have exacerbated the cost-of-living crisis through inflation and increased business costs, whilst decimating investment in our regions, writes Molly Scott-Cato of EMUK in a letter to Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss. ‘Project fear’, as you billed it, has become the reality… Read More »

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