MPS debate our Brexit inquiry petition

After hitting 100,000 signatures, Leeds for Europe’s petition for a Public Inquiry into the impact of Brexit is to be debated in Parliament on April 24th. The debate will be broadcast live on the UK Parliament YouTube channel

We need a public inquiry because of the impact of Brexit on our wallets, shelves, petrol pumps, holidays and opportunities.  

Getting this debate to take place is a huge achievement. This is the first time the impact of Brexit will be directly addressed and debated in Parliament. The debate will allow key arguments about Brexit to be heard in Parliament and give a platform to pro-European MPs. It’s an important step because we need more politicians to acknowledge the impact of Brexit and start to talk about solutions. 

The fact that the Public Inquiry debate is happening is just one example of what local European Movement groups can achieve. 

You can read more about the petition here.  

EM’s newly elected Chair Dr Mike Galsworthy said that “this is a flagship example of what all local groups can do to bring attention and in turn grow the movement”, and I couldn’t agree more. 

I couldn’t be prouder of my local group who took the initiative to start this petition, who were not deterred by the initial response and kept pushing this petition to get it to Westminster. 

Our grassroots network is one of our movement’s biggest strengths – it is what gives us the power to reach people in every part of the country with our pro-European message.