Give Young People a chance – Support a Scottish Replacement for Erasmus+

Young people overwhelmingly voted to remain in the EU, yet they are the ones who have felt the biggest impact.

Nothing shows this more than depriving students, volunteers, and trainees across the UK of the life-changing opportunity to take part in the Erasmus+ programme.

Erasmus+ provided a wealth of opportunities for everyone, demonstrating how cooperation with others increases our shared prosperity. It gave everyone from school age to adults the power to learn from others.

This mutual benefit from Erasmus+ meant:

  • Students could immerse themselves in another culture
  • Those in vocational training could learn from and teach others
  • Everyone could engage in lifelong learning

The Scottish and Welsh Governments have announced plans to implement an equivalent exchange program to replace Erasmus+. The Welsh Government has set out its detailed plans for this but the Scottish Government has yet to do so.

Young people have had their futures thrown into doubt and seen their opportunities like Erasmus+ dwindle because of Brexit. It is time we put it right.

We call on the Scottish Government to restore that opportunity and implement a fully-funded, comprehensive Scottish Exchange Programme that empowers young people from all backgrounds to live, learn and work abroad for the benefit of the country as a whole.