2021 Holyrood Campaign

Here is the outcome of the May 6 2021 election in terms of seats:

The SNP and Scottish Greens both campaigned on a platform of Scotland rejoining the EU (see their manifestos below) and won 72 seats or a clear majority taken together. We at EMiS openly campaigned for the same position – whether Scotland is in or out of that other union, the UK. So, the country has reaffirmed its pro-EU stance so powerfully demonstrated in the 2016 referendum.

Keeping Europe on the Agenda

What should our relationship with Europe look like?

In the run-up to the Holyrood elections, we analysed the expected impact of Brexit on Scotland and made a series of recommendations for our future prosperity. We sent our manifesto to all the candidates for the Scottish Parliament and urged them to make Scotland’s future relations with the EU a key issue.

Our checklist summarises the main points of our manifesto:

Protect Scotland’s European interests – CHeckLIST
  • an immigration policy adapted to Scotland’s specific needs
  • recovery of our right to freedom of movement
  • physical proof of settled status for EEA nationals living and working in Scotland.
  • frictionless access to EU markets for the food and fishing sectors; ensure close alignment on animal welfare, environmental and food standards
  • more direct transport links between Scotland and mainland Europe
  • close co-operation with Europe to protect our shared marine resources
  • strong educational and cultural links with the EU and participation in Erasmus+
  • representation in EU Research Programme Committees
  • keep NHS Scotland publicly-funded and rule out deregulation or privatisation
  • ensure adequate supply of medication and treatments post-Brexit
  • full partnership in managing the UK Shared Prosperity Fund which replaces EU funding
  • tackle the climate emergency and ensure emissions targets are consistent with or higher than those of the EU
  • stay closely aligned with EU on all environmental protection and clean energy policies
  • stay closely aligned to EU human rights laws.
  • adopt EU’s approach to privacy and transparency around use of personal data.

We will continue to use this checklist to scrutinise the work of the new Scottish Parliament and Government in our news articles and webinars.

You can help

You can help raise awareness of European issues at stake!

Worried about a particular point on our checklist?

  • Write to your local press to highlight the damage inflicted by Brexit and the need for improvement
  • Contact your MSPs and urge them to keep us close to Europe.