Building support for Europe in Scotland

The European Movement in Scotland (EMiS) campaigns to see Scotland back in the European Union, whether as part of the United Kingdom or in an independent Scotland.

EMiS membership is open to all who believe that the benefits of being in the EU are of fundamental importance to our success and our place in the world. We have members from across the mainstream political spectrum. Many members have no party-political affiliation. Full membership costs just £3 a month. It is lower for seniors and free to students in full-time education.

Keeping the spirit alive

Returning to the EU is a long-term project. Our job is to keep alive the spirit of European economic and political integration, while supporting closer ties of trade, business, education, science and technology, culture and kinship with the peoples and nations of Europe.

The roots of today’s European Union lie in the two world wars that devastated the continent in the 20th century. They cost the lives of over 80 million people, witnessed genocide on an industrial scale and laid waste to cities and economies. After WW2, people of vision understood that closer economic ties between European nations would reduce the reasons for war and create lasting stability and greater prosperity.

Thus, was born what was to become the European Union. Today, it’s 27 member states are home to 447 million people. That’s about 6% of the global population. The EU is the world’s largest and most affluent integrated market for goods and services.

In addition to the promoting free and fair trade, the EU develops law and programmes to support sustainability, protect human and civil rights, combat poverty, promote human health and, increasingly, to enhance the security of Europe in the face of rising regional and global tensions.

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