Building a new scotland: the economy

The Scottish Government has published a new paper in the Building a new Scotland series, the third, this time proposals for the economy under (potential) independence with rejoining the EU at the heart of its blueprint.

Here is our statement:

The European Movement in Scotland (EMiS), Scotland’s premier pro/EU body, strongly endorsed the Scottish Government’s decision to make rejoining the European Union a centrepiece of its economic strategy if Scotland were to become independent.

EMiS, a cross-party body that is neutral on the independence question, points out that Brexit has demonstrably impoverished the UK and destroys the sustainable, inclusive growth Scotland wants and needs. 

Mark Lazarowicz, EMiS chair, said: “Scotland’s economic prospects will be immeasurably strengthened inside the European Union, the world’s largest single market.

“We have witnessed the damaging economic impact of Brexit, with the UK set to be 4 per cent poorer than if it had stayed in the EU, according to the independent Office for Budget Responsibility. This is set to knock £80bn off the UK’s gross domestic product and about £40bn off exchequer receipts.

“There can be no lasting growth perspective outside the world’s biggest trading bloc. Rejoining the EU is the key to ending poverty and inequality and promoting green growth and jobs, for both Scotland and the whole UK.”

Images via Scottish Government flickr account CC BY-SA 2.0