Should We Re-Join the Single Market and/or Customs Union?

The prospects for Scotland and/or the UK re-joining the EU in the near future are receding – at least for the moment despite the daily revelations about the damage wrought by Brexit.

So, the idea has arisen that Scotland/the UK should re-join the single market and/or Customs Union – perhaps as a staging post or perhaps as an end in itself. But others believe we should opt for nothing less than full EU membership.

Our webinar debates the merits of these positions.

  • Philippa Whitford MP, SNP Commons spokesman on Europe (and health);
  • David Broucher, a former UK diplomat/ambassador in, among other places, Bonn and Prague;
  • Peter Sellar, an EU lawyer specialising in regulatory affairs and author of a paper on this topic for the Scottish Independence Convention.

Vanessa Glynn, a former senior civil servant and an EMiS executive committee member (and former chair).

8th December 2021

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