Scotland would vote to rejoin the EU tomorrow: but how?

As many as 60% of UK voters now back rejoining the EU as the daily evidence of the damage brought by Brexit mounts. Scotland would vote around 3-1 to rejoin. So, what’s the best way forward for pro-Europeans in Scotland: rejoin as part of the UK or as an independent EU member state? There are plenty of arguments about the merits and disadvantages of both approaches.

Join us on August 8 at 1800 for a conversation on the issues involved between two leading pro-EU political figures in Scotland – Eddie Barnes and Stephen Gethins. Their online discussion, bound to be riveting, will set the tone for the start of a new political season and will be chaired by David Gow, ex-Guardian journalist who leads the RSE’s Scotland-Europe Initiative.

Eddie Barnes is the campaign director of Our Scottish Future, the group/think tank set up by Gordon Brown. He is a former political editor at the Scotsman and was a senior aide and speechwriter to Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson. He has also advised UK prime ministers on the reform of the UK state.

Stephen Gethins is Professor of Practice in International Relations at St Andrews University and an EMiS executive member. He is the former SNP MP for North-East Fife and spokesperson on Europe and International Affairs, sitting on the Commons foreign affairs select committee.

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