Labour and Europe

Opinion polls are pointing to a majority Labour government emerging from the next UK general election in 2024/5 – and a surge in both support for rejoining the EU and regret over Brexit.

Brexit is widely seen as a root cause of the UK’s current economic ills – and likely to blight its performance in future despite what ministers in the Sunak government say. But Labour under Keir Starmer is dead-set against reversing Brexit or even rejoining the EU single market/customs union.


This webinar organised by the European Movement in Scotland examines why and what Starmer and David Lammy, shadow foreign secretary, mean by “fixing the UK’s tarnished relationship with the EU”.


  • Dianne (Baroness) Hayter, former shadow deputy leader in the House of Lords and co-editor of the Forgotten Tribe, a recent book on the UK’s MEPs;
  • Ian Murray, Labour MP for Edinburgh South and shadow Scottish Secretary;
  • Denis MacShane, former Labour Minister for Europe and author of Brexiternity: the Uncertain Fate of Britain.

The event will be moderated by Mark Lazarowicz, ex-EMiS chair and former Labour MP for Edinburgh North & Leith

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