German Elections: Implications for Europe

Germany went to the polls on Sunday September 26 after 16 years of Angela Merkel as Chancellor and, arguably, the most powerful European leader.

As the most populous country and biggest economy in the EU, the change of leadership and government in Germany will have huge impact on the EU.

In our webinar we discuss the outcome and the implications for Europe three days after the election, with a stellar German cast:


  •  Andreas Botsch, head of the international department, the DGB (German TIUC), for the SPD
  • Dr Rainer Ohler, partner consultant nat Senior Strategists, ex-head of corporate communications, EADS/Airbus and home policy adviser to Helmut Kohl, for the CDU
  • Dr Nils Redeker, Policy Fellow for European Economic Policy at the Jacques Delors Centre
  • Nina Locher from the Heinrich Böll Foundation. Personal adviser to the Chair of the Heinrich Böll Foundation and writer on EU-UK relations, including Brexit.

Chair:  David Gow, ex-German Correspondent, The Guardian, and EMiS executive committee member.

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