Defending Human Rights in Europe and the UK

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) and the Convention that goes with it are very much inspired by post-War British politicians and thinkers. Yet some Conservatives and others would like to reduce its role – in some cases to the point of the UK leaving both.

Dominic Raab, restored to his post as Justice Secretary, is determined to press ahead with legislation on giving a proposed British Bill of Rights precedence over the ECHR – not least by enabling deportation flights to Rwanda and elsewhere.

The UK used to have a much-lauded reputation for safeguarding and promoting human rights. So, how has it come to this?

This webinar hosted by the European Movement in Scotland (EMiS) discussed the threat to human rights in the UK and elsewhere and the role of the ECHR in upholding them.


Joanna Cherry KC MP, a leading human rights lawyer and activist

Sir Ian Forrester KC, a prominent Scottish judge who was the last serving British judge on the European Court of Justice before Brexit and now acts with Ampersand Advocates.

Chair:  Mark Lazarowicz, EMiS chair, former Labour MP and founding chair of the Citizen Rights Project.


23 November 2022

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