Conference on the Future of Europe

The year-long Conference on the Future of Europe ended on May 9 (Europe Day) with 49 policy recommendations the EU is due to discuss in the coming months and years – while Russia’s war in Ukraine continues to rage.

Will there be new treaty change to enshrine greater democracy/citizen involvement? Will EU enlargement be amended so that European neighbours, including maybe the UK, are offered places in a European Political Community? Will there be more sustained moves towards a common defence policy in light of the war? Should foreign policy be decided by qualified majority voting from now?

Panel discussion with

  • Dr Fabian Zuleeg, CEO of the European Policy Centre
  • Dr Kirsty Hughes, founding director of the (former) Scottish Centre on European Relations
  • Professor Phillips O’Brien, Professor of Strategic Studies at St Andrews University.

Chair: European Movement in Scotland executive member and former Guardian correspondent David Gow.

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