Challenges to the Rule of Law in Europe

European Movement in Scotland (EMiS) webinar on the threats to our democratic rights, values and procedures in Poland, Hungary and other parts of Europe – not least the UK.

Controversial changes to courts and the legal system in several EU countries, notably Hungary and Poland, have caused an EU crisis over the rule of law. But the UK is implicated too, with the government’s contentious proposals for changes to human rights law, including the ECHR, and the powers of the courts. Are Europe’s democratic rights under serious threat?

What should be the response of the EU and the Council of Europe (of which the UK is still a member)? And what can civil society do about it? Could this issue break apart the European Union itself?


  • Joanna Cherry QC, MP for Edinburgh South West since 2015, brought and won the court case against Boris Johnson’s prorogation of Parliament in 2019
  • Marcin Matczak, Professor of Social Sciences in the field of legal science at the University of Warsaw and partner in legal firm DZP
  • Ian Forrester QC, the UK’s (and Scotland’s) last sitting judge in the European Court of Justice (General Court) who practised as a barrister/advocate in Scotland, London, NewYork and Brussels

Chair: Mark Lazarowicz, practising advocate, founder of the Citizens’ Rights Project, former MP, and EMiS chair.


25 January 2022

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