5 good news stories from the EU

1. The EU has brought home our friends and families

The UK opted into the EU scheme to bring British citizens home from abroad. This scheme has meant that many families and friends who have been stranded both in Europe and outside of the EU have been able to come home. 

2. Thank you to the front line NHS staff from Europe and beyond

Every Thursday, as our hands join in with millions of others clapping around the UK we are able to show just a little bit of the appreciation for our incredible NHS workers on the front line. 
This crisis has reminded us that many of the front line NHS staff putting their lives at risk are from the EU and beyond. This includes a Portuguese doctor who cared for Boris Johnson while he was in intensive care. Click here to watch the incredibly moving film #YouClapForMeNow.

3. Thank you to the Romanian fruit and vegetable pickers for feeding us

This week, Romanian workers were flown to the UK to help to feed Britain following a failed recruitment campaign to recruit fruit and vegetable pickers from the UK. They will be picking fruit and vegetables that would simply go to waste without their help, and ensuring that our food supply is not disrupted at this critical time. You can read more about this story here

4. The UK still has access to many of the European schemes needed to tackle this crisis

From financial aid to early crisis warning systems to medical testing, the UK is still eligible for many of the EU schemes that are essential to tackling a global pandemic. We have also seen numerous acts of solidarity from our friends on the continent, including the donation of 60 ventilators to our NHS from Germany. 

5. #EUSolidarity: We are all in this together

The final good news story serves as a reminder of what the European project is fundamentally about: collaboration, community and working together. All over Europe, countries are sending their surplus PPE, medical and cleaning supplies, and even medical staff to countries with the greatest need in this crisis. The kitchen in the EU  Parliament has even been transformed to make over 1,000 meals a day for those in need! EU solidarity is quite literally saving lives. 

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These good news stories are a great reminder that even though we have been isolating apart, we are all in this together!

Do you have any good news stories about communities coming together during this crisis? Email us at info@europeanmovement.co.uk. We would love to share some of your good news with the Movement Community!

– The European Movement Team

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