Give Young People a chance – Support a Scottish Replacement for Erasmus+

Students, volunteers, and trainees across the UK have lost the life-changing opportunity to take part in the Erasmus+ programme.

We call on the Scottish Government to restore that opportunity and implement a fully-funded, comprehensive Scottish Exchange Programme that empowers young people from all backgrounds to live, learn and work abroad for the benefit of the country as a whole.

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  • Remembering Roberta – and Steve
    We pay tribute to two of our leading campaigners who have sadly died in recent weeks after lifetimes of dedication to the European cause.… Read More »
  • Wales for Europe makes the case
    EMUK is spreading the word about the breadth of opposition to Brexit/support for Rejoin across the country. Here’s a letter from Wales.… Read More »
  • Wannabe Tory leaders blind to Brexit
    We have paid careful attention to how creating trade barriers with our closest neighbours have exacerbated the cost-of-living crisis through inflation and increased business costs, whilst decimating investment in our regions, writes Molly Scott-Cato of EMUK in a letter to Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss. ‘Project fear’, as you billed it, has become the reality… Read More »

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European Conversations

Russia in Ukraine: 40 days of war, years of disinformation

European Conversations
European Conversations
Russia in Ukraine: 40 days of war, years of disinformation

In the latest of our European Conversations podcasts, Kirsty Hughes talks to Galina Pastukh, deputy director of the Ukrainian think tank Texty, about the dreadful war in her country, including… Read More »

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Posted on 20/07/2022
The year-long Conference on the Future of Europe ended on May 9 (Europe Day) with 49 policy recommendations the EU is due to discuss in the …

Posted on 04/07/2022
The Liberal Democrats have put forward a 4-point plan for renewing our links with the EU that includes rejoining Erasmus-Plus and, at the end, …

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Check out my article for ⁦@_scotlandcan⁩ on the ⁦@theSNP⁩ decision to delay a Scottish Exchange Programme to replace Erasmus+.

This decision continues the cultural vandalism created by ⁦@BorisJohnson⁩. ⁦

#ScotlandInEurope we pay tribute to our lovely colleague and passionate campaigner @buchan_buchan1 at @Edinburgh4EU who died recently - and for Steve Chinn of @Stirling4Europe

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