Events from 2013

"Scotland and the EU - why should we care?"

The European Movement in Scotland obtained funding from the European Commission to mount a series of public ‘question time’ style debates on the topic ‘Scotland and the EU – why should we care?’ The idea was to raise awareness of EU policies and issues in advance of the EP elections in 2014.

The project involved a series of five debates arranged in collaboration with student societies in Scottish universities and the events were chaired by the well known political commentator Professor John Curtice of Strathclyde University and followed by a reception.

The aim is for the panel to field questions on the general theme above and in particular subjects such as:

  • The UK's and Scotland's relationship with the EU - including potential impact of the Scottish and possible UK referendae.
  • The role of the European Parliament elections - why should people bother to vote?
  • The views of the general public - why should the EU matter to them?

The event was aimed at both students and non-students, since we wanted to raise awareness of the importance of the EU in advance of the European Parliamentary election in May 2014.

Question Time Glasgow

November 5th 2013, 19:30

This was the first in the "Question Time" series. The others followed in 2014.

The new chairman asks a question

An interesting evening followed our annual AGM with questions from the floor. It was encouraging to have not only our own members taking part but many students from the University who came along despite the attractions of a huge party in the hall below.

The members of the panel in Glasgow included:

  • Linda Fabiani MSP (SNP) - Former Minister for Europe and External Affairs
  • Alf Young - journalist and political commentator on BBC TV etc
  • Petros Fassoulas - Chairman of the European Movement in the UK
  • Ferdinand von Götzen, Chair of Glasgow University European Society

Christmas Dinner 2013

Jubilo Choir at the 2013 Xmas lunch

Our guest speaker was Hugh Andrew, Managing Director of Birlinn Ltd., Scotland’s largest independent publisher. The evening will began with pre-dinner drinks followed by a short concert of European carols sung by Jubilo choir.


August 23rd 2013

As part of the Fringe Festival we worked together with "Just Festival" in this afternoon event. Committee member, Iain Mitchell QC spoke alongside Perry Walker of the New Economics Foundation on the topic of Scotland’s Identity and Citizenship. The discussions were wide-ranging, covering such issues as:

  • How Scotland’s identity will be defined after centuries of Union and immigration.
  • How this will affect the voting.
  • What should be taken into account while revisiting legal aspects of granting citizenship.
  • How the Referendum will shape intra-British and European relations.

Europe Day

May 9th 2013 - St Andrews Square Edinburgh

Here in Edinburgh volunteers from The European Movement in Scotland manned a stand in St. Andrew's square where we handed out leaflets and chatted to the public about Europe. The European Parliament Office, the European Commission, the Edinburgh Consular Corps, Scottish Government, Scotland Europa and others will also had stands in the square, highlighting their work in Scotland.

Committee members manning the stall in Edinburgh's St Andrew's Square