Events . . .

Throughout the year we hold various events, some of them in conjunction with other organisations, especially student groups. The events often take the form of panel discussions with noted politicians, academics, business leaders and journalists. Our members and the general public are invited to most of our events.

Most events will take place in either Edinburgh or Glasgow, although we do make an effort to hold events outside these areas when possible.

We also hold some social events, such as the annual Dinner and the annual Pub Quiz.

The European Union's 60th Anniversary

Thursday, 23 March 2017 from 17:30 to 19:30

The Members’ Room, Scottish Parliament Building, Holyrood, EH99 1SP

Join us for this lecture and reception, hosted by Michael Russell MSP, Minister for UK Negotiations on Scotland’s Place in Europe, to mark the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome, which founded the European Union.

A talk will be given by Professor Craig Parsons, Head of Political Science, University of Oregon on "Why the European Single Market surpasses the American model: the many ways in which the EU Single Market rules are better than those which govern trade between the US states."

There will be an introduction Iain Macwhirter, Sunday Herald.

Attendance is by invitation only. Only those who have registered will be permitted to attend. Our members and followers should have received an invitation. If you have not received one, please contact us.

A complimentary glass of wine will be served after the lecture, courtesy of University of Oregon Office of International Affairs

Breakfast not Brexit

Another successful Breakfast not Brexit coming soon. Watch this space.

Previous events this year

Breakfast not Brexit

Saturday 28 January 2017

Photo of breakfast meeting

We enjoyed our Breakfast much more than we expect to enjoy Brexit!

Concerned members and friends shared views on where Scotland stands now in light of the Prime Minister's determination to press for hard Brexit and the Scottish Government's equal passion to keep Scotland in the Single Market.

We talked about some of the ways we as individuals can fight back against Brexit:

-email politicians to say why you do not consent to Brexit, not just your own MP but party leaders in UK and Scotland and MSPs. Email addresses easily found online.

- go to events about the EU, sign petitions, go on marches and rallies, speak to friends and family about why Brexit is bad for Scotland, organise a meeting in your house or local cafe (EMiS can advise), write to newspapers in UK and Scotland, be active in promoting Europe on social media.

- find arguments, facts and figures on EMiS website - we'll aim to keep them fresh

- tell EMiS what you're doing and share your successes so that we can magnify the effect through our network.

- join European Movement in Scotland today and make a positive difference to this country's future.

Café EMiS

Thursday 12 January

the first cafe emis photo

Our first Cafe EMiS was a lively discussion with topics covered including the upcoming Supreme Court judgement on whether Parliament must legislate on Art.50 and whether that Article is reversible when the UK realises its mistake.

We also spoke about the importance of Freedom of Movement especially in Scotland and had a first look at whether Scotland could achieve a differential outcome from the Brexit negotiations. All agreed that the Remainers must continue making the case for why the EU is our best option.